Schloss Johannisberg

Cabinet Ministers From Four Countries visited Schloss Johannisb

Twice in quick succession, Schloss Johannisberg received eminent visitors. Here in the most beautiful part of the Rhinegau - precisely on the 50th parallel of latitude - anyone would feel he was in a wine paradise.

The best German white wines are produced in the vineyards around the château and are tended by experienced vintners until fully mature. Delighted to sample them (picture on left) were British and German Foreign Ministers Sir Douglas Hurd and Klaus Kinkel and (picture on right) Dutch and German defence ministers Dr. Joris Voorhoeve and Volker Rühe. Demesne manager Wolfgang Schleicher (on the left in both pictures) is responsible for viticulture and wine sales; he showed the ministers round the grounds and cellars. The guests were particularly impressed by the treasures of the "bibliotheca subterranea", which contains wines dating back to the 18th century.

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