Schloss Johannisberg

Aristocratic Wines at Celebration of 900 Years of Schloss Johan

High praise was given to the wines of Schloss Johannisberg. The star of the tasting was an amber-coloured Riesling Gold Seal Vintage 1862. It revealed renewed strength, vitality and an unbelievable stability.
Princess Tatiana von Metternich and fifty renowned wine growers and wine collectors took part in this historical wine tasting on the occasion of the celebration of 900 years of Schloss Joh

Homage was paid to the oldest and most outstanding Riesling wines, with a 1920 Schloss Johannisberg Riesling Gold Seal, followed by 1943 Schloss Johannisberger Riesling Rose Red Seal, 1947 Schloss Johannisberger Gold Seal and finally a Gold Seal Vintage 1999. Wolfgang Schleicher, Managing Director of Schloss Johannisberg, inaugurated the evening tasting with the remark, that the wines should be recognised and assessed, but not given marks. A gala evening and a fabulous stage for great wines.

Guests included Thierry Manoncourt (Château Figeac), Jaques Hebrard (Château Cheval Blanc), Comte Alexandre de Lur-Saluces (Châtaeu d´Yquem), Catherine Faller (Domaine Weinbach), the wine collector Walter Eigensatz and the legendary wine auctioneer Michael Broadbent from London. During his speech he commented: “What a life without wine!”

Still today, the quality Riesling wines of Schloss Johannisberg, where late harvest was discovered by the delay of the courier allowing the start of the harvest, enjoy a highly prestigious international reputation.

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