Schloss Johannisberg

Getting acquainted at Schloss Johannisberg

The first meeting between Joschka Fischer, the German Minister for Foreign Affairs and his French counterpart Hubert Védrine was held at the atmospheric Schloss Johannisberg.

Schloss Johannisberg was chosen for its history. Countess Tatiana von Metternich resides in the castle today. She is the widow of the great grandson of Lothar Clemens Wenzeslaus, Count of Metternich, who, as chancellor to Franz I, led Europe to a peaceful reunification at the Vienna Congress in 1815.

After a walk through the vineyards, Managing Director Wolfgang Schleicher, led the guests into the historical cellars to the treasury of Schloss Johannisberg, where the finest vintages dating back to 1748 are stored. A bottle of 1971 Schloss Johannisberger Riesling Trockenbeerenauslese was presented as a gift to Hubert Védrine.

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