Schloss Johannisberg


Schloss Johannisberger Spatlese Trocken 2006
"This is plush and ripe; its tropical tones of mango, papaya and passion fruit taste a little less than dry. Nevertheless, its complex and assertive, with rich texture and vibrant acidity framing the pungently aromatic flavors.
90 points - Wine & Spirits

Schloss Johannisberger Riesling QbA 2006
"This is surprisingly rich given the intensely citrusy flavors and firm, appley acidity. Pair it with fish or shellfish in a butter sauce.
88 points - Wine & Spirits

Schloss Johannisberger Kabinett 2006
"Red fruit accents the honeyed apple, guava and ripe peach flavors. It finishes on a mineral note, lingering in a pleasantly earth aroma.
89 points - Wine & Spirits

Schloss Johannisberger Spatlese 2006
"While the rest of the Schloss Johannisberg wines from 2006 exhibit restraint and elegance, the Spatlese focuses instead on a powerful ripeness, with thick, dense flavors of roasted pineapple and ripe peach. Its balanced by acidity and stony minerality, but its unbridled opulence seems slightly incongruous in the lineup.
88 points - Wine & Spirits

Schloss Johannisberger Auslese 2006
"This wines pure, concentrated flavors of mango, tangerine and Asian pear are honeyed and intense, while its fine balance gives this a remarkable clarity and grace. With all the opulent ripeness of the vintage, that balance lifts the flavors, making them seem almost weightless.
92 points - Wine & Spirits

Schloss Johannisberger Beerenauslese 2006
"Creamy and plush peach and mango flavors show a seamless harmony and energetic intensity. Its powerful but also refined, demonstrating a fine focus and balance on the finish.
93 points - Wine & Spirits

Schloss Johannisberger Trockenbeerenauslese 2006
"Although this is clearly of very high must-weight, with a velvety, decadent texture, the balance is so impeccable that the overall feeling is one of elegance and precision. The lusciously honeyed peach and tangerine flavors are carried with remarkable finesse and aristocratic poise.
94 points - Wine & Spirits

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