Schloss Johannisberg

The Rheingau

The Rheingau has many faces. In the course of centuries, a unique cultural landscape evolved from a colorful mix of ideals and goals. This is where Riesling grows, under the cover of mild skies between the Rhine and the vine-clad slopes of the western Taunus foothills. The viticultural landscape along the Rhine is well worth a visit – a region that offers something for all the senses with its many enticing attractions – a region that soothes the spirit or sparks enthusiasm with its gentle beauty. In the heart of the Rheingau, Johannisberg majestically ascends from the riverbank – a hill that is a monument to German and European wine culture, as well as a symbol of the harmony of man, culture and wine that is the essence of the flair, charm and special joie de vivre of the Rheingau. The Rheingau is an inviting region to tour and discover, not only for its natural beauty, but also due its status as a special corner of the earth that came about through a quirk of nature. In its long journey from south to north, the Rhine changes its course only once, specifically, where it flows from east to west for some 50 kilometers (30 miles) and forms the southern boundary of the Rheingau. From time immemorial the river has influenced life in the Rheingau, and once beheld, it’s nearly impossible to escape the Rhine’s spell. Steeped in legend, it is a river of yearnings and memories, a unique natural monument and a chapter of German and European history. Its everflowing waters seem to lovingly caress the Rheingau and imbue it with inspiration. These few miles along the Rhine afford art and art history fans, wine enthusiasts and pleasure-seekers an opportunity to experience the Rheingau’s joie de vivre and its centuries-old Riesling tradition.